This is a rather rushed and quick note. Today my wife sent me a link to a furniture store to look for a new bed for my son. I took a look, explored some of the colors available and that's it.

Without a minute delay I got this email on my personal inbox:

Olá ,

Que ótimmmo ter você por aqui!

Vimos que se interessou por alguns produtos na Meu Móvel de Madeira, o que acha de levá-los para sua casa? Será que podemos te ajudar em algo? ...

Which roughly translates to "Hi, good to see you here. We saw that you got interested on some of our products..." This just freaked me out.

I'm not particularly obsessed with protecting my privacy online but I do have ad-blocker and content protection using Disconnect on my browser and Google History tells me that I never been there before. And for all that I knew (mind the past tense here) there was no way the website would know my email just by my visit. I guess I was wrong, this is the end of the privacy as I knew it.