Pick/Fret Workout 1

All of these are simple patterns with a somewhat specific goal. Please be careful to not over do or hurt yourself, stretch and warm-up before playing these. If at any point you feel pain stop and rest. Also try to use the same pattern in different parts of the fretboard and strings, you will notice that playing on lower strings and high strings have really different dynamics and your technique needs to vary slightly in each position.

Pick/Fret synchronization

When dealing with picking and playing notes I usually consider three aspects. The picking technique, the fretboard hand and the synchronization between the two.

When speeding up or playing complex phrases I noted that sometimes the pick and the fret hand are not totally in sync, meaning that sometimes you pick before reaching the note or the other way around. As you speed up your metronome make sure all notes sound clear. Pattern 1 and 2 deal with the third aspect, synchronization.

Pattern 1

Pattern 2 uses fingers 2 and 3.

Pattern 2

Hand and forearm

Patterns 3 and 4 are more stamina exercises, both go through the same notes but you change the fingers used. Go easy on these, set the metronome to a comfortable measure and play the pattern for a minute or two, stop if you feel any pain.

Pattern 3 Pattern 4

Pick control

Patterns 5 and 6 target your pick hand, going fast on these means that we you got to quickly pick the higher string and come back on time. These patterns also do some workout on your forearm and hand.

Pattern 5 Pattern 6

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