Managing Geeks

I just read this blogpost from Patrick Kua which will lead you to this. As Patrick I don't agree with all, but some points got my attention.

Geeks are trained in logic and ordered thought.

With these skills you can't make BS decisions, if does not make sense they will detect it easily. When your IT resists to some business decision, is better check out what is happening, they can function as compass against illogic paths.

Respect is money

In the IT world respect is money. Note that all open source projects work this way. You can't earn respect with nice talk, smiles or other common social weapons. IT guys will respect those who knows what they are talking about and are humble for those things they don't know. Respect is earned with work, good work and team work. Force will just make them shut and let you, or your project, drawn alone. With respect they will follow you, work late and keep you project the best as they can.

IT can't fake work

This was something I never notice but, IT can't fake work (in general). So, anything that sounds like fake you be detected and can't be done at all. Usually other departments (who asked for the impossible) will throw stones on IT, telling that they are slowing the project. In fact, when I saw this, the root cause was a project without value, something to cover incompetence or IT is full and can't deliver at the velocity asked. Is a good thing check what has been asked to IT. In my experience, IT will prioritize by it self. They will not respect illogic priorities and the will organize as they see the business plan. It's very important to make it clear for IT where your business plan is pointed to, if you do, they will take care of projects that point in the same direction.


Well, these are just observations I made through the my years in IT. IT is a very important staff, usually they can spot problems very fast and a good understanding of the minds of IT is a good tool to lead your business to success.

Published in Sep 20, 2009