First post as a ThoughtWorker

I'm now at ThoughtWorks Brazil and after almost two weeks I feel that I need blog about it.

First thing that comes to mind is about agile methods. Some people think that having post-its all over the walls and toys make you less serious about your work. In fact, as many already stated, is the opposite. Daily stand-ups, progress glued on the walls and no cubicles makes you more and more engaged.

Something very different about ThoughtWorks is openness, most organizations I've worked state that they are open, but in TW this matter is taken seriously. Sure, there things that are confidential but not things that makes you uncomfortable. I remember in former jobs people closing the notebook lid when you come closer, whispering right in front of you and treating you like you are not part of the team. In ThoughtWorks you don't fell that way, this is great, silly speculations probably will not last much, as the real information flows everybody has a real picture of the concerns, objectives and etc. No food for people given to gossip.

I'm still having training and not formally assigned to a project, but as far I can see now, it's gonna be great.

Published in Apr 29, 2010