Schrödinger's release

Schrödinger's release is just a thought experiment as the original one for teams pushing Continuous Delivery methodology. If your team got into to a good Continuous Delivery process that means that at any time a release into production can be made. Business feel empowered to release the current code into production just with a push of a button.

Imagine now that the software team is not aware when this might happen, at any time business can decide go to production without communicating the team, like the Schrödinger's Cat the button can be pushed or not and the current code inside the version control be in production or not. For the team it is an unknown state.

If the code can be released at any time decreases the chance of postponing production readiness of the code just because the business will announce the release couple days before. In a Schrödinger's release the team can't take any chances, code checked-in (and green tests) is always releasable.

Published in Jul 20, 2012