Snap-CI has left the building

On 02/06/2017 was announced that Snap-CI was going away. I'm one of the former developers for Snap-CI and sure I'm sad about it.

Snap-CI has brought pipelines as first class to the CI SaaS world and no other tool that I'm familiar with got to the point where Snap-CI was regarding pipelines. Most treat the build a series of commands that should be executed one after another.

Pipelines are more than that, is not just the exit code of the previous command that dictates the future of the application being built. Pipelines are a form of process that not only guarantees that the software is good on the technical sense but also on the process sense. The awareness of change management goes beyond plain automation of a series of steps. There's coordination, approval gates and so on; at some point you may have to stop and wait for a stimulus to continue through the pipeline. These are some of the things you need to achieve somehow when aiming for Continuous Delivery but I digress.

The building and publishing of this blog now happens on Circle-CI. It was a smooth transition but the lack of manual triggering on Circle-CI had to be replaced with tag based deployment, not ideal but it works. This post was already built and deployed using Circle-CI.

Published in May 12, 2017