Project Euler script help

During this pandemic we get bored. Staying at home prompted me to find programming exercise routine. For years I know about Project Euler but I never attempted myself. It is a series of increasing difficult Math/Programming challenges which you answer one to get to the next one. After you get the correct answer you might look at others answers in the forum.

It's a simple concept and a powerful one, given the years it has being active the project has already seven hundred plus challenges. Which is definitely more than I will be able to do in several months. Check it out if you want practice our problem solving.

Helper script

Of course this was another opportunity to automate something thing out. I'd guess that most attempt to solve the problems in one programming language. In my case I saw the opportunity to also practice languages I already know and ones I want to learn.

Adding new languages presents a problem, you got to run the solution for all of them. You need to keep track of how your run, the ones that you already solved and etc. So I made a zsh script that helps you on that.

Euler is a simple script that given a certain configuration will run exercises in the languages you defined. Here's how it looks like if you run for a simple Hello World!.


There are more options which allow you to run an specific language, show the solution instead of running and so on. Please check the README.

By default, or the languages I'm working on, are: Clojure, Wolfram Language, Lua, Java, SQL, Zsh, Ruby, Raku and Python. You can add or remove as many as you like.

Published in Feb 21, 2021